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Horario y ubicación

04 mrt. 2020 19:00 – 25 mrt. 2020 23:00

Phugmoche, Dudhakunda 56000, Nepal

Acerca del evento

This year's plan will be to carry out the renovation of the carpentry

workshop and expansion of the greenhouse that we build in 2017.

The objective of this renovation is precisely to activate the workshop that

gave rise to the reconstruction of the school,bring new tools and bicycles.

 The activities in the field...  

Activity 1, cover the interior walls and the ceiling with wooden panels and possibly insulate them inside with materials that we find in the area such as mud, straw, plastic ,fabrics, etc..also the small holes and gaps that we find around the house .  

Activity 2, paint the walls inside and out side face, windows, doors, etc.  

Activity 3, expand the greenhouse that is in front of the workshop, approximately triple it in its length, the land is in slope so we have to build the terraces .  

Activity 4, build a rainwater recycling system to irrigate the greenhouse.  

Activity 5, assemble the bicycle tools , ideally teach children and teachers to ride bicicles and fix it. At the moment we have 2 mountain bikes for adults...i will say...4 or more..we hope..  

Activity 6, build a laundry machine with a bicycle, possibly i will taking part of the mechanism ready from Brussels.  

Activity 7, plant fruit trees and make a fens system to cover them agains animals, we will take around 20 fruit trees, or more...we will see budget and where we get them.

Financing The financing of the tools and materials will be carried out by the great donation made by Jan Fisher of Germany and his organization called Our-Home Germany and Permatecnic.  

The adventure ... We will buy the materials in Kathmandu and Phaplu, tools, bicycles, food, etc. and we will transport them by Jeep to Phaplu, this is a day trip. The next day we will continue on our way to Phugmoche school by tractor .., this is another day of travel. 

 Dates Ideally, we will meet on March 3 or 4 in Kathmandu.(please send me your arrival dates for booking the hostel and put the red carpet) The project has a duration around 3 weeks of work in the field, volunteers can stay between one and three weeks, whatever their will and can also be there a while after my departure, this is absolutely flexible. 

 ...it will be another unforgettable adventure .. We will wait for you.