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About Us


Hopecycling ASBL is an international organization located in Brussels, Belgium.
We are an non-profit organization that focuses on the constant search for good ideas, gratitude and hope to transform them into projects that contribute to social and environmental well-being.
Hopecycling is the materialization of a project that was born in Chile in 2005 (www.reacciona.cl) and aims to offer opportunities and moments of hope and inspiration to people from all over the world through sustainable design and permaculture concepts.

Our mission and main inspiration is exploring different ways of transforming the energy of the pedal in a project with a positive social impact for people, the planet and every creature that inhabits it.

Optimistic - Creative - Permaculture -Transversal Education - Inspiration

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire people through Design in order to connect them and invite them to be part of the generation of a more conscious and sensitive society with the human being and the value of living in harmony with the environment.


Our Vision

Hopecycling has as vision to be an international organization in charge of generating Inspiring Projects and instances of education and sensivilisation.
Our projects are based and developed under the concepts of permaculture, optimism, creativity, and work in common where everyone can be a part.

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Generate around you the changes of Social Transformation you dream of, join and be part of the action.

Email: info@hopecycling.org

Phone: +32 466 34 05 59

Registered Charity: BE 0737.958.182


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