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Our Mission

HOPECYCLING creates impact through Design. We are an association that uses the different techniques of project design and sustainability as a vehicle to generate a positive social, environmental and economic impact.

Our organization is based on the premise that every moment and moment in the life of the planet is linked to an element that contemplates design, there is its importance and its coherence with the ecosystem in which we live.

Since its inception in 2019, Hopecycling has worked on various design and construction projects around the world, where it has involved and impacted many people through the process.
We are not a company that focuses its projects on financial and personal gains. Our search for wealth is linked to the experience and well-being that each one of it generates.

 We know that we need resources for our projects and for that we work in a clear and transparent way through sponsors, donations and public and private institutions that share our values ​​as an organization and want to be part of the experience of each project.

Do you want to participate in one of our activities? Find out how you can join us or propose a project by contacting us.



Our Approach

Social Projects 

We use our projects as an opportunity to create educational workshops for local people, as well as for international participants and volunteers. We consider it to be a pragmatic and strategic way of learning and tackling problems based on design and coexistence from different contexts. In addition to our on-site workshops, we partner with universities, institutions, and organizations.

Community Development :

When selecting community projects, we ensure that certain basic requirements can be met:

It is essential to share our environmental philosophy and principles with the community. Together we evaluate an engagement and assess whether we are prepared to add a positive impact to it. Skill exchange opportunities are identified for both our international team and local communities.

Community leaders will be fully involved during the development, design and construction process.

Private Commissions :

Our goal is to work with organizations or individuals who share our vision, ethics, and collaborative practice methods. we integrate skills workshops and client or community engagement when possible. Each community development project establishes a number of key stakeholders to ensure that projects run smoothly from initial preparation to completion. Each actor has his own set of responsibilities and brings his skills and knowledge to the project.

Key Stakeholders In Social Projects

NGO / Local Partner

It is crucial for us to partner with a local figurehead or NGO / charity that has knowledge and trust in the local community. Their responsibility is to identify the need for the project, communicate with the community in the run-up to the project, as well as raise funds and assist with financing.

The Ccommunity

Para que un proyecto sea exitoso, la comunidad y los usuarios finales deben brindar un apoyo total y participar en el proceso de diseño y construcción.

Corporate Sponsors

The sponsors and donors of each project either provide direct financial support or input their work. Additionally, material suppliers or manufacturers may donate their product to be used within the project.

Local Workforce

The local qualified workforce knows a lot about what is available, both in technique and in materials, that is why we give it so much importance, since the knowledge exchange process is very enriching.

International Participants

We always involve volunteers, students and professionals in our projects. They can contribute in different ways, as well as learn to work in a different context and gain skills from this experience.

Private Clients

Our projects are aimed at individuals, families or institutions who want something different. For us it does not matter if it is an element or a space, if the project is small or large, what is important is the positive impact that it will generate on its user and the environment.

 Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to generate opportunities in which people can participate and learn from the different design techniques and use them for the well-being of their own lives and the environment.

Hopecycling's Vision is to be an international association that helps generate inspiring projects, instances of transversal education and environmental sensitivity through sustainable design and architecture.



Our Service

Our projects are aimed at those who seek to design and build an inspiring space, elements and situations, to those who want to generate an impact beyond the structure itself, to those who open the possibility of working with the collaborative modality and the inclusion of education. workshops integrated into the process.

Brief Developmnet, Concept Design, Build And Comunity Workshops

-Architectural design -Structural Design (with trusted partner consultants )

-Exterior design

-Installation design

-Master planning

-Environmental design

-Interior design

-Furniture design

-Object design

-Photography and video process

Events, Workshops, practice, talks and exposition where the focus also involves the physical well-being of people and space.


Our Team

Our multidisciplinary team has experience working with a series of projects from different fields, charitable and private organizations, ranging from large educational institutions to community cooperatives.

As the possibility of doing more projects increases, the possibility of sharing and generating a positive impact in each opportunity increases.

Permaculture - Creativity - Eco logical -Transversal Education - Freedom  



+32 466 34 0559

Brussels, Belgium.

Registered Charity: BE 0737.958.182

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