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HOPECYCLING, founded in Belgium in 2019, is the name of our association that was born after the materialization of a long journey around the world, where design and technique were always the driving force behind this learning adventure.

The creation of this association is the formation and continuation of a project that was born in Chile in 2007, called REACCIONA ( based on a "Mobile Design Office" dedicated to designing under the concepts of sustainability and with which we strongly participate in the realization of proposals in the reconstruction of houses after the earthquake and Tzunami in Chile in 2010. Thanks to this experience we began to work in other contexts, allowing us to know different communities, realities and people with whom we share the common vision of generating with each design a positive impact on the ecosystem, both human and environmental.

Today, as an association, our Mission is to generate instances in which people can participate and learn from different design techniques to use them for the well-being of their lives and the environment. Hopecycling's Vision is to be an international association that helps to generate inspiring projects, instances of transversal education, well-being and environmental sensitivity through design and sustainable architecture.

Would you like to be part of this adventure, design or propose a project? contact us here!


Our Purpose is to be part of the Recovery process of the different Ecosystems of the Planet.

We want to Inspire people through Design influenced by the technique and concepts of Permaculture.




+32 466 34 0559

Brussels, Belgium.

Registered Charity: BE 0737.958.182

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